Corporate courses

We will recommend you safety measures for better personal and property protection. We will find potential weaknesses of current security and will design appropriate solutions.

Specialized courses

We will teach employees in security field, armed forces and all employees whose work is to protect another person or its property.

Individual courses

We will teach you how to protect yourself and your family, all that we will teach you by using the simulation of various situations which could happen to anybody.

Security info

Our work is your safety. We offer various services to our clients.

Small change - big difference

You can do just a bit to improve your safety. We will teach you how easy safety measures are, these measures should be known each member of family to protect their own life.
Petr Bárta

Petr Bárta

Urban Safety expert for security

“Risks are here and will be, that is the reality. That is why one our main aim is to teach people higher caution in personal and also work life. Safety goes hand in hand with responsibility - and it works for a weapon, for corporate computer as well. Often only following the basic principles will limit the risks. The worst thing is to pretend that the risks are not here.”

What we have done


gun shots




visits to find the bugging devices


walked kilometers with protected people


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